Petersham House

At dusk
Photo of the house before the renovation
Sunlit interior
Dining room
Dining room and courtyard
Kitchen and courtyard
Dining room and courtyard; second photo

Designed whilst at Sam Crawford Architects

Completed: 2010, Sydney Australia


2012 Australian Institute of Architects National Architecture Awards (Commendation) — Residential

2012 NSW Australian Institute of Architects (Architecture Award) — Residential

2014 Marrickville Medal (Commendation)

Jury Citation: “The Petersham house fulfils a familiar task of Sydney architecture with particular distinction. A federation cottage on a busy street in the inner west was opened to its back garden. The result is a model of its kind, resolving the many challenges of the site with such ease, the difficulties seem hardly to exist.”

Client Testimonial

“Every half an hour, we feel like calling someone to say:
we love our house
we love not having to turn on a light til 6.30, even when it’s overcast
we love the kitchen
we love the screen reflected in the windows at night
we love the crazy low-hung lights
we love our brick walls
did I mention I love the kitchen?
Jasper loves the acoustics for his violin and piano
we love the reading nook on the concrete ledge at the back of the house
we love the maple tree in the courtyard”


Builder: Buildability

Landscape: Hugh Main, Spirit Level

Structural Engineer: James Sutherland, Northrop

Quantity Surveyor: Matt Saunderson, QS Plus

Hydraulic Engineer: Northrop

Land Surveyor: Hill & Blume

Photography: Brett Boardman

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