Petersham House

“Every half an hour, we feel like calling someone to say:

we love our house

we love not having to turn on a light til 6.30, even when it’s overcast

we love the kitchen

we love the screen reflected in the windows at night

we love the crazy low-hung lights

we love our brick walls

did I mention I love the kitchen?

Jasper loves the acoustics for his violin and piano

we love the reading nook on the concrete ledge at the back of the house

we love the maple tree in the courtyard”

Haberfield House

“Max temp outside: 41c. Max temp inside: 29.5C. We feel lucky to live in such a clever house — thank you!”

— client Stephen (regarding ambient temperature inside the house without need for air-conditioning)

“I’ve been pondering why the house feels so comfortable so quickly — it doesn’t have any of the ‘don’t touch me I’m so new and special’ feel of a new house.

I think it’s the authenticity of the hand-made materials (concrete, timber - especially the recycled stuff that’s everywhere, steel); the simplicity of the colour palette (white and not much else) and the minimal number of mass-produced items.

All of it adds up to a house I feel like we’ve lived in forever because none of it is date-able. I suspect when forever comes, it will still feel comfortable for these reasons.

Love your work.”

— Stephen

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